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You've waited a LONG TIME! But A batch of 8 ONLY will be released!!!!!   Matte Grey anodized,  - The rest of the list, and others will be contacted by email or phone with the current pricing and option availablility - if you have not reserved one- DO IT NOW in our guestbook  section- we will sell them until they are gone- DON'T WAIT!!! Here is a pic of what you can now buy- shown with optional - Purple ano, and polished finish.

Here is Mongo in action at Warped Paintball in Castaic, Calif. Nice Redux, huh? this particular gun gets 20 shots from a 12 gram, and is as accurate as hell!!

OUR NEW PRODUCT-- THE VKC "DUCK" now available, as well as the standard Redux S/C gun both in new matte grey finish-  $1499 for the new Duck, and $1299 for the Redux  marker 818-723-6860

This is the NEW VKC duck- with new internals, new LOW MOUNTED feed and matte grey finish

-We will accept checks or money orders, or good old cash for purchase - PAYPAL ACCEPTED TOO!!... send paypal payment to- mongoduk1911@gmail.com you can make payment arrangements by calling  Mongo's cell 8-8 PST monday thru friday at 818-723-6860 we will verify your reservation and SELL you a GUN!!

Option #1- extd barrel +$95  Option #2- millet adj sight-+ $45